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 Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 2

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Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 2 Empty
PostSubject: Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 2   Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 2 EmptyWed Feb 06, 2008 12:00 am

Nintendo Pals Daily News
Issue - 2
Volume - 1
Publisher - Admin

-announcements - 1
-updates & Notices - 2
-Forum Problems - 3
-Nintendo News - 4
-Other News - 5
-Other Stuff - 6
-Whats New - 7
-Web Site Updates - 8
-credits - 9
Announcements - 1

Hey, how you doing? well i am doing fine. Thats all i wanted to say to start this fine news letter. Well i finished the site, and i know its been past the due date but i forgot about it but now i will head into a full direction of new stuff for the updating site. So i hope you go to this site once in a while to see all the new updates coming to you and the site. dont forget to visit the forum also, it will get more update than usual.
Updates & Notices - 2

okay i have a notice for every one, if you want to join the nintendo pals daily news team to write articles please email or pm me, the admin of the forum. We could really use the help on the news.

Hey every one, i have a couple of updates for everyone, for the forum i have some new affilates. and for the site i will make a new background and put my avatar where my posts are so everybody knows i have posted it. also add a new page i can't wait to show everybody. the site updates have not yet to come becuase i am typing this ahead of time to get everything speedy finish.
Forum Problems - 3

If you are encountered a problem with the forum please pm me the admin and i will post the problem in the next issue and solve it.

1.goombachi - well i am currently using a wii but i can not type in the box feilds to post something. can i do something to fix this?


1. well you can not actually fix it becuase i am currently updating the wii users section, so it might take a week. so tune in and you may get to type in the fields!
Nintendo News - 4

We have no nintendo news at the moment, sorry
Other News - 5

We have no other news at the moment, sorry
Other Stuff - 6

Well i have a couple of new members, and the forum is getting really active. horray!

also check the nintendo news forum, i have some intresting news, its about mario kart wii prices and info.
Whats New - 7

well here is all the new updates to the forum, same as the bottom.

well we have the friend or foe feature, like toadscastle.

and thats it, i hope you will be patient.
Web Site Updates - 8

here is all the updates to the main site its self.

well i have none at the moment, sorry, the next issue will come with more i promise.

but if you want to know what is comeing please read the announcements at the top of this new letter.
Credits - 9

publisher - admin
articles publisher -
Spell checkers -


members of team -


Thats it, i hope some members can join the team and help us out.

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Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 2
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