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 Welcome To Nintendo Pals!

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Welcome To Nintendo Pals! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome To Nintendo Pals!   Welcome To Nintendo Pals! EmptySat Nov 10, 2007 5:46 pm

Welcome to nintendo pals! I am the admin of this site. The rules for posting forums is below:
1.Never swear when posting a forum.
2.Never swear when chatting.
3.Never put down a member, if I find that happening in forums you will get banned.
4.Post only things that belong in the proper place.
5.Chatting is off topic.
6.The chat box will reset every 100 posts. That means all chats in box will get deleted.
7.Have fun posting forums.
To those who follow the rules will get a reward every 100 posts in forums.
To those who do not follow the rules will get banned.
Thanks for reading this topic! Now go and sign up! Very Happy
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Welcome To Nintendo Pals!
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