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 Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 1

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Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 1 Empty
PostSubject: Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 1   Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 1 EmptyTue Feb 05, 2008 11:59 pm

Nintendo Pals Daily News
Issue - 1
Volume - 1
Publisher - Admin

-announcements - 1
-updates & Notices - 2
-Forum Problems - 3
-Nintendo News - 4
-Other News - 5
-Other Stuff - 6
-Funny Jokes - 7
-credits - 8
Announcements - 1

Well first of all i have not been on for a while and i did not really do that much stuff when i was away. but now i promise i will come back and do so much updates that some members will get mixed up on what to do.
Also i wanted to say we are a growing community and now we have about 7 registered members now! lets celebrate the day!
And my final announcement is that if the forum is not letting you in that means i am currently fixing the server and doing some updates, so please wait because when this happens i only takes 1 hour.
Updates & Notices - 2

okay i have a notice for every one, if you want to join the nintendo pals daily news team to write articles please email or pm me, the admin of the forum. We could really use the help on the news.
The only update i have so far is the friend or foe system. to use this go to your profile on the nav bar and them look for the friend or foe button. click on it and it should have a type box for you to type in. type a members user name and select foe or friend. and thats it. this makes sending pms faster.
Forum Problems - 3

If you are encountered a problem with the forum please pm me the admin and i will post the problem in the next issue and solve it.
Nintendo News - 4

We have no nintendo news at the moment, sorry
Other News - 5

We have no other news at the moment, sorry
Other Stuff - 6

Well when i came back i was all surprised that we got some new members to the forum! and now this can make some guest think the forum is active and register.
Also i have some sirprise for some of you members. i hope you will love it.
Funny Jokes - 7

q-what will you tell the word hate? a-I ate you.
q-what do you call a hot dog? a-a weiner dog.
knock knock, whos there, c u, c u who, c u later.
Credits - 8

publisher - admin
articles publisher -
Spell checker - mariofan
members of team -
Thats it, i hope some members can join the team and help us out.

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Nintendo Pals Daily News - Issue 1
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