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 Welcome To Nintendo Pals Pets!

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Welcome To Nintendo Pals Pets! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome To Nintendo Pals Pets!   Welcome To Nintendo Pals Pets! EmptyThu Dec 13, 2007 10:04 pm

Here is where all your pets can stay! This is like a hotel for your pets. Come in here to level up a pet and make them cozy. To get a pet of your own please email admin. Please do not post unwanted topics. If you do, it will be deleted. When admin has gotten your pm for a pet, he will make a topic to put it in. And go in there to see if its there. Enjoy this feature! don't forget to level them up while you here. Very Happy

Welcome To Nintendo Pals Pets! Linksig
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Welcome To Nintendo Pals Pets!
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