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 Wario Profile For Brawl

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PostSubject: Wario Profile For Brawl   Wario Profile For Brawl EmptySat Dec 15, 2007 11:02 pm

information gathered from super smash bros brawl website
Wario Profile For Brawl Wario

Many fans clamored for Wario to join the fray, and so now he finally makes his his WarioWare costume.
Itís rumored that this unpredictable character will give birth to a form of martial arts that other characters cannot even see.

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070620aWario Profile For Brawl Wario_070620b

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070620cWario Profile For Brawl Wario_070620d

<Side Special Move: Wario Chopper>

Warioís side special move is the Wario Chopper. He jumps on and starts racing!

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070629a

Vroom! Vroom!

Tilt the Control Stick in the opposite direction of your movement to pull a 180. Use an attack button to jump off.

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070629b

Axle turn!

Only one motorcycle will appear on screen, so if you fall off, run back up to it and climb on again.

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070629c

Whereís my hog?!

<Down Special Move: Wario Waft>

Oh, and Warioís down special move is the Wario Waft. That is to say, he passes gas.

This particular special move builds up power the longer you go without using it.

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070629d

If you havenít held it in, itíll be a cute little poot.

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_070629e

But when you hold it in as much as you can...?!

In this case, patience really is a virtue.


Warioís Final Smash is Wario-Man!

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_071128a

Eat garlic!

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_071128b


Even after becoming Wario-Man, you control him as you normally
would. And he doesnít unleash any overwhelmingly powerful attacks.

But he is able to negate a variety of moves and boasts some rather odd abilities...

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_071128c

Punch to pummelpummelpummelpummel!

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_071128d

Itís a sideways-sliding shoulder tackle!

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_071128e

His midair moves make him fly?!

His special moves are also powered up, but the one thing you canít do is ride his bike.

Donít do it.

This may seem like a joke, but you absolutely must not ride it.

Wario Profile For Brawl Wario_071128f

Tooooooo faaaaaaaaast!!!

Wario Profile For Brawl Linksig
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Wario Profile For Brawl
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