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 New Brawl trophy

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New Brawl trophy Empty
PostSubject: New Brawl trophy   New Brawl trophy EmptyFri Dec 14, 2007 9:43 pm

this information is gathered from Super Smash Bros Brawl Website

New Brawl trophy Assist14_071214a

The fact that hes an Assist Trophy means he wont be appearing as a playable character, but...

New Brawl trophy Assist14_071214b

Waluigi appears nonetheless!

New Brawl trophy Assist14_071214c

He dashes at foes...

New Brawl trophy Assist14_071214d

He stomps on whoever he currently despises!

Characters that suffer his stomping get embedded in the dirt.

Waluigi keeps on stomping, punishing his foe persistently with successive blows. As should be expected from Waluigi.

New Brawl trophy Assist14_071214e

He finishes with a mighty kick...

New Brawl trophy Assist14_071214f

Or his tennis racket!

Never forget to finish off those who are helpless to resist. Such a philosophy should really be expected from Waluigi.

New Brawl trophy Linksig
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New Brawl trophy
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