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 New Smash Bros Brawl Stage!

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New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! Empty
PostSubject: New Smash Bros Brawl Stage!   New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! EmptyThu Dec 13, 2007 8:36 pm

This information is from Super Smash Bros Brawl Website

The Mario Circuit stage appears! Of course, we HAVE shown it briefly in past movies...

New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! Stage19_071213a

This popular series makes an impressive debut.

Itís a so-called figure-eight course, and you do battle at the crossing of the 8.

New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! Stage19_071213b

There are even grandstands in places you canít see!

It hurts when the karts racing around the track hit you. They come
in from the side and from the back of the screen, so be careful.

New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! Stage19_071213c

When they come from the front, look out below.

New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! Stage19_071213d

When they come from the side, look out above.

The karts are serious about their race. You can get a general idea
of their location on the screen in the back, so pay attention to it.

New Smash Bros Brawl Stage! Stage19_071213e

You can actually make them wipe out, too.

If you have no life, please contact me by pm and i may give mines to you...
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New Smash Bros Brawl Stage!
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