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 Please Read Here Before Selling!

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Please Read Here Before Selling! Empty
PostSubject: Please Read Here Before Selling!   Please Read Here Before Selling! EmptyThu Nov 22, 2007 7:23 pm

In this section you will be able to sell anything you want that is
related to other stuff. This can include games, plush toys, and etc.

please include these things in this section:
subject title can be anything you want.

  1. name of object
  2. try to put a image of the object
  3. put the price of the object
  4. put the way you want to get paid by, mail cash, paypal, credit card, or other.
  5. put a short description of what it could do
after you follow these rules you are okay to post. Very Happy

to thoose who post without these are going to have post deleted, unless has a reason.
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Please Read Here Before Selling!
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