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 What To Look For In A Wii.

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What To Look For In A Wii. Empty
PostSubject: What To Look For In A Wii.   What To Look For In A Wii. EmptyMon Dec 10, 2007 8:09 pm

Nintendo Wii

What To Look For In A Wii. Vg_feature_wiisuccess
The Wii goes from strength to strength in 2007

Price: $249

Who needs it: The Casual Gamer

The Basics

Nintendo's sleek white console was a smash hit -- and nearly impossible
to find -- last year. This year you've got a better chance of nabbing
one without scouring eBay. The wireless Wii remote and connected
nunchuck have proved to be unique and intuitive game controllers, and
the Wii's friendly interface is the clear choice for casual players and
non-gamers. Nintendo's online store offers an amazing collection of
classic games, but you'll need to exchange Wii Codes to match up with
friends for multiplayer sessions. The lack of a hard drive might be
off-putting, but inexpensive Secure Digital cards can expand the
console's storage capacity.

Media and Extended Entertainment Capabilities

Nintendo wanted to focus on games and only games, so the Wii
features no DVD movie playback options, can display only up to 480p
resolution, and you won't be networking it to a music or media server.
The extra features are all in the console: the addictive Mii creator,
which generates an endless supply of "avatars" to represent players,
and the selection of online channels that put a Wii spin on everyday
news and weather.

The Exclusive Games

What To Look For In A Wii. Vg_feature_supermariogalaxy

Super Mario Galaxy:
Hop from one planet to another, face mind-bending applications of
gravity, and solve fiendish puzzles in the latest star outing from
Nintendo's mascot.
What To Look For In A Wii. Vg_feature_zackwiki

Zack & Wiki:
Logic-based puzzles and a friendly control scheme ensures this tale of
pirate treasure enthralls the whole family. Check out a few more family friendly games.
What To Look For In A Wii. Vg_feature_metroidprime3corruption

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:
The final installment in the Metroid Prime trilogy proves to be the most compelling so far.

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What To Look For In A Wii.
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