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 Super Mario Galaxy Comments

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PostSubject: Super Mario Galaxy Comments   Super Mario Galaxy Comments EmptyFri Nov 30, 2007 11:32 pm

Here is something i found on a website that relates to galaxy - most likely a comment about game

One of the most telling things one can say about "Super Mario
Galaxy" is that Nintendo has delivered a game that's a bigger joy to
play upside-down than most games are right-side-up.As you might
have gleaned from various teaser videos and screenshots, "Galaxy" takes
the gameplay of "Super Mario 64" and literally sends it into the
stratosphere. As such, large portions of the game take place in space,
with Mario running around tiny planetoids with self-contained
gravitational fields.In other words, portions of the game take place upside-down. And here's the beautiful thing: It almost instantly feels natural.In
spite of some wild new level designs and the presence of the
Wiimote-and-Nunchuck control setup, "Galaxy" immediately feels like a
"Mario" game. Connoisseurs of 3D "Mario" games need not even crack the
manual. Just about every one of Mario's moves makes a seamless
transition over to the Wii, and if you trust your instincts, you'll
immediately know how to execute all of them."Galaxy," as it
should, keeps the Wii-specific alterations to a minimum. Outside of a
handy spin attack, most of the motion controls are relegated to
special, one-off challenges that are best left unspoiled. A second
player can use a second Wiimote to help (or hinder) you in a few minor
ways, but this doesn't change the game so much as add a fun social
element to a traditionally solo endeavor.Instead, and in most
triumphant fashion, "Galaxy" makes waves in the level design
department. A far cry from "Super Mario Sunshine's" single-minded
tropical setting, "Galaxy's" destinations are bursting with variety and
surprise, often changing its design on a dime multiple times within a
single challenge. There may be no game that serves up surprise as
consistently and relentlessly as this one does. It never stops - even
after you beat the game, at which point a new development occurs that
may make you want to play it all over again.Happily, Nintendo
hasn't dumbed "Galaxy" down to give it more mass appeal. Less
experienced players need only beat roughly half the game's challenges
to see the game's ending, but true "Mario" warriors will savor the more
dastardly levels Nintendo has in store for them. Collecting all 120
stars is a massive undertaking, and it ranks among the most fun
endeavors in all of gaming this - or, frankly any other - year.

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Super Mario Galaxy Comments
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