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PostSubject: Instructions   Instructions EmptyTue Mar 04, 2008 10:40 pm

So, if you want to submit your games through the forum, you would have to do some stuff.

So decide what game you would like to submit to us. It can be non-Nintendo related.

go to this address, File Ho and upload your file there, also please zip up your files. Only one game per topic.

when the uploading is finished, it should provide you with a link.

copy the link be control-c and come back to the forum and paste it control-v.

and then you are done with this step.

while you are still editing the topic, please add in the title, name of game, then creator of the game, and is it a demo, in progress, completed, or scraped.

then that should be it.

and i almost forgot, please add one or two pictures of your game into the post. this can help people decide to download it or not.

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